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Posted on 02-15-2018

End Migraines with Chiropractic,

Television, radio, and the internet  make it all seem so easy. Have a migraine? Take a Pill. What they don"t tell you, however, is that migraine medications can actually worsen symptoms and lead to unwanted complications.

Chiropractic care, on the other hand, gets to the bottom of the migraine pain. Instead of simply alleviating symptoms, Dr. Levent Erdogan identifies the source. And quite often that source is your spine.

What are migraines?

Dr. Levent Erdogan helps patients  with migraines discover the underlying source of their challenges and get on the fast-track to wellness.

First, It's important to understand what a migraines are and how they differ from other types of headaches.

Migraines Defined:

Migraine headaches affect 12 percent of the adult population and cause a significant economic loss do to decreased workplace productivity.

What distinguishes migraines from from other headaches?

Migraine symptoms include nausea, vomiting and light and sound sensitivity. The pain of a migraine may last for several minutes, hours even days.

Some research speculates that tension headaches and migraines are actually the same entity on two sides of an intensity continuum. This may explain why many tension headache sufferers also develop migraines.

In addition, there are degrees of migraines- from episodic to transformed.

Episodic Migraines:

Episodic migraines cycles include intermittent reprieves from pain-cease fires, if you will. But when there are more pain filled than than pain free days, these episodes become what's known as transformes migraines.

Transformed Migraies:

An individual who endures 15 or more migraine episodes per month, lasting a minimum of four hours each, is classified as having transformed migraines. 

Transformed migraines tends to be more bilateral (both -sided) than episodic migraines and isn't usually associated with nausea, photophobia (light sensitivity), or sensitivity to noise. Indeed it often resembles chronic tension headaches. 

Researchers aren't sure why some episodic migraines evolve into transformed migraines. But on thing is certain: despite the lesser severity of transformed migraines, headaches in comparison with episodic migraines, their high frequency results in substantial greated disability.

Painkillers- The cure and the Culprit

So how do you combat migraine pain? Popular media makes popping a pill seem like the simple solution. But new research raises serious questions about this traditional treatment.

For instance one recent study finds that chronic daily headaches, is often linked to a history of migraine tension type of headache and the abuse of headache medications.

Dr. Levent Erdogan isn't surprised by this revelation. In fact it's something  Dr. Erdogan has known for years. In addition to sprawling dangerous side effects, painkilling drugs often make the condition they are meant to alleviate worse.

A recent French study shows that a class of drugs known as triptants prescribed for patients suffering form migraine headaches, actually worsens the pain. Triptans are marketed by severa pharmaceutical companies under a variety of brand names, such as Zomig, Replax, Imitrex, Amarge, amd Maxalt.

In the study, researchers gave 1774 migraine sufferers (81 percent whom were women) a triptan based drug. At the close of the study, the patients' migraines were more severe than in the subjects in the general populatin. 

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